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Quick Facts

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  • Located on the northern shore of the Bras d’Or Lakes, North America’s largest inland sea, in the county of Victoria on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • GPS Coordinates: 46.1000° N, 60.7542° W
  • Population in 2006 was 2,152
  • The name Baddeck comes from a Mi’kmaq term ‘Abadek’, meaning ‘place with an island near’. That would refer to the island just offshore now named Kidston Island
  • Back in 1874 Baddeck became famous with the publication of the book, ‘Baddeck and that Sort of Thing’ written by Charles Dudley Warner, an associate of Mark Twain.

Climate for Baddeck


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Baddeck is a quaint yet vibrant little village right in the heart of Cape Breton Island. The beginning and end of the famous Cabot Trail. Prepare to be charmed!

Where is Baddeck?

Baddeck, Coordinates
46.0994°, -60.7533°

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